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That’s not my monster, Fionna Watt & Rachel Wells

Kids just LO-O-O-O-ve this book. And the reason I know this is because… Има още

Story Stretchers, Shirley Raines and Robert Canady

Recommended by my supervisor, this book is a lifesaver. Има още

Drawing on the Funny Side of the Brain, Christopher Hart

A book I bought from a used books shop in Chantilly, Virginia. I enjoy it so much ! I had no idea drawing funny characters is so easy and SO MUCH fun!!

Купих си тази книжка в магазин за книги втора употреба в Шантили, Вирджиния. Толкова й се радвам! Не знаех, че е толкова лесно и ТОЛКОВА забавно да рисуваш смешни герои! Има още

Handwriting Analysis, Sheila Lowe

Има още

Alien VS Predator, Scholastic, with CD

An illustrated book with a CD. Great for beginners in English !

Има още

Crazy, Pete Earley

Tells you about American health care system. Tells you stories. Tells you about bipolar disorder and about people with mental illnesses in Miami jails. Има още

Oxford Wordpower, Oxford University Press

An English dictionary with illustrations and a CD-ROM. Има още

Step UP, English Book & English Practice Book

Step-up is a six-level course for primary school students. You get a free audio CD with the Student’s Book!

Step-up е курс за обучение по английски език, състоящ се от шест нива. Учебникът се продава заедно с безплатен диск. Има още

Robert Willson, Image – maker

I bought this album from an art museum in Washington D.C. Има още

The best short stories, Guy De Maupassant

A master of the short story. Има още